Department of Economics

Research Projects

The Department has executed several projects over the years. Among the major Department projects, mention may be made of the Social Forestry Project of the Government of Tamil Nadu, carried out with funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). Besides Departmental projects, individual faculty members have separately and jointly carried out several projects. These include Evaluation of India’s population education programmes, Studies of vital rates in Tamil Nadu, Assessment of the role of women in Panchayati Raj, Rural drinking water studies, Identifying hunger households to ensure food security, Trade liberalization and gender, Survey of literacy and education in Karnataka, Studies of production relations in Indian agriculture, Village surveys and resurveys, Industrial pollution, Entrepreneurship Development, Patterns of Rural Development, Post-Harvest Technology, Micro enterprises and women’s empowerment.

Project Details

Title Funding Agency Amount (Rs.) Year of sanction
Hunger Free Area Programme MSSRF 1,00,000 1996
Patterns of Resource Flows ICSSR 98,000 1999
Role of Industrial Promotional Agencies on Entrepreneurship Development ICSSR 97,000 1991
Post-Harvest Technology Adiseshiah Trust, Chennai 97,000 2007
Economic and Environmental aspects of Rural water supply in Tamil Nadu: A case study in Tiruchirappalli District. IGIDR 4,56,000 1998
Economic Approach to Industrial Pollution control of select units in Tiruchirapalli District TNPCB 2.54,100 2001
Capacity Building Programme in Environmental Economics World Bank 15,000 2001
Common Property Resources UGC 3,02,000 2003
Women Entrepreneurs in Micro Enterprises inTiruchirapalli District. UGC 1,50,000 1999
Impact of Micro Financing on Women MHRD 1,73,000 2004
Impact of Globalisation on Cotton Knitwear Industry in Tiruppur. UGC 10,000 2000