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Child Guidance and Counselling Centre

The Child Guidance and Counselling Centre functioning in the Department of Social Work has been providing free comprehensive supportive counselling and guidance to school students with emotional and behavioural problems, learning difficulties and disabilities, scholastic backwardness, adjustment problems, sexual problems etc. by way of professional consultative, preventive and intervention services. It handles children between the ages of 4 to 17 years. These days, quite a few school students are struggling with mental health issues due to various reasons than ever before. A recent survey has revealed that one third of all children in India suffer from some mental health problem. Another harsh reality is that two-third of these school students never receive the help they need.

This Child Guidance and Counselling Centre is dedicated to provide Child-centered, School- centered and Family-focused services. The centre functions with a multi-disciplinary approach with the collaboration and support by psychiatric social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and counsellors. Our aim is to provide psycho-social care to school students and improve the overall school mental health, to assess and evaluate children's needs, problems and potentials, to apply appropriate intervention strategy, to create public awareness about importance of emotional wellbeing among children, to provide guidance and counselling to teachers and parents for further management of children at school and at home.

To achieve the above objectives, the following specific activities are being carried out by the Centre professionally which are not only problem-oriented but also growth and development- oriented in an integrated manner.

1. Assessment- Emotional Assessment, Behavioural Assessment, Aptitude/Skill Assessment
2. Counselling Services-Individual counselling, Family counselling, Parental counselling, Group counselling.
3. Therapy- Art therapy, Play therapy, Music therapy, Dance therapy, Drama therapy.
4. School Mental Health Programmes- Awareness Programmes, Mental Health Screening Camps, Training Programmes
5. School Mental Health Promotional Activities-Stress Management, Anger Management, Life Skills Education, Family Life Education
6. Research Activities
7. Documentation and Resource Centre

Child Guidance and Counselling Centre activities are carried out by professionally trained Social Worker specialized in the field of Medical and Psychiatric Social Work under the guidance and supervision of

Dr. J. O. Jeryda Gnanajane Eljo
Professor, Department of Social Work
Bharathidasan University, Khajamalai Campus
Tiruchirappalli-620 023
Mobile: 9443922703

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