School of Social Sciences

Department of Women's Studies

Established with UGC X Plan Scheme of Development of Women’s Studies

The Centre for Women’s Studies [CWS], got sanctioned from the UGC under the X plan Scheme for Development of Women’s Studies to Bharathidasan University. The Department and has been implementing various activities as per the UGC guidelines including Teaching, Research, Training, Extension, Outreach, Publication and Dissemination, Advocacy and Lobbying, Organizing Workshops and Seminars, Networking, etc. Appreciating the various activities and full- fledged teaching programmes offered M.A, M.Phil and Ph.D, The Centre has been elevated to Department Status during 2007 with the approval of the Syndicate as per the UGC Advisory Committee. UGC had also placed the Centre at Phase II during the XI plan and extended the support for the XI plan.

To work to create a more equal world by empowering women of various strata without affecting the existing institutions safeguarding the Indian Culture including family, marriage etc; Adopt different strategies including sensitization, awareness, gender literacy, gender education, skill training, capacity building and leadership skills and ensure social, economic, political, cultural and institutional aspects of women empowerment.

Mission is in line with the guidelines of University Grants Commission which emphasizes on establishing a just and secular society in India and address the growing complexities and the problems faced by women which require to be understood and analysed through initiating and inculcating the gender perspective in many domains in the generation of knowledge, in the field of policy design and practice.

To empower women through various capacity building measures including feminist theory building, inculcating gender sensitivity, women’s studies perspectives, gender literacy, gender education, technical and ICT education, entrepreneurship and skill training, skill upgradation and enhancement, communication and leadership skill etc., to bring social, economic, political and cultural empowerment and gender equality.

To sensitize the mass to assert and recognize the potential and capabilities of the women and make the women themselves realize and assertive of their capacities and skills and get mainstreamed their needs, concerns, demands and move towards gender equality.

The Department of Women's Studies is located in Khajamalai Campus of Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, 620 023 close to city, three kilometers from the Central Bus Stand and Railway Station.

'புதியதோர் உலகம் செய்வோம்'
We will create a brave new world