Department of Women's Studies

Ph. D. Research Guided

Sl. No. Particulars Part Time Full Time Total
1. Awarded in Economics:
Development of Grass root Women Entrepreneurship Through Self-Help Groups
Child Labour in Gem Cutting Industry in Pudukkottai District , Tamil Nadu
Women Entrepreneurs in Micro Enterprises
A Comparative Analysis of Institutionally Supported and Self-Supported Women Micro Entrepreneurs
The Role and Performance of Community Panchayat in Marine Fish Production and Marketing Along the Coromandel Coast, Tamil Nadu
Study on Women Entrepreneurs in Micro Enterprises
The Performance of SGSY Assisted SHG Women Micro Enterprises and Non-SGSY Women.

Awarded in Women's Studies
Kaisika Puranam in a Gender Perspective- Ms. Anita Ratnam at Mother Teresa University.
1 7 8
2. Pursuing
Inclusiveness of Women into Local Governance in Tamil Nadu
A study on the impact Media Representations on the body Image of Women working in information Technology, Companies in Chennai
Alcoholism and Domestic Violence – A Gender Perspective Analysis
Psychological Aspects of Entrepreneurship Development
A Study on Gender Gap in Education
A Study on issues of Adolescent Girls in Camp Labour Scheme in Tamil Nadu
Migration, Feminization of poverty leading to HIV/ AIDS among dry land Farmers
6 2 8
Total 7 9 16

Minor Research Studies

1. Socio-Economic Status of Women in Stone Quarrying.

2. Livelihood needs of Rural Youth and Women in Rural and Urban Areas.

3. A Study on Status of Women in Urban Slums.

4. Documentation- Case Studies of Successful SHGs Women.

5. A Study on Issues of HIV Positive Women in a Gender Perspective.

6. Status of Migrant Women and Adolescent Girls in Textile Sector.

7. A Study Marginalized Women-Coping Strategies of Visually Impaired Women.

8. A Study on Nature and Forms of Domestic Violence among Slum Women.

9. A Study on Adolescent Sexual Behaviour among the rural and urban youth- A Gender Analysis.

10. Gender Perceptions among the slum youth, children and women.

11. A Study on the Issues of Women in Work Setting.

12. Gender issues among Gypsy Community.

13. Issues in Developing Women’s Studies Curriculum.

14. A Study on Women Entrepreneurs and issues in Sustainability.

15. A Study on Economic Viability of SHG women Enterprises.

16. Problems of Commercial Sex Workers and their problems.

17. A Study on Women Achievers and their foot path- Role Model women.

18. A compilation of Successful Case studies of Women Micro Entrepreneurs promoted by WEAT.

19. Documentation on Case Studies of HIV Positive Women.

20. A Study on Issues of women among Sri Lankan Refugee in Tiruchirapalli.

21. A Need Assessment Survey of Employment and Multi- skill Development for Youth.

22. A Study on Prevention of Female Infanticide- A Gross root initiatives at Salem.

23. A Study of Run Away Youth in Textile sectors in Tamil Nadu.

24. A Study on Gender Issues and Sexual Harassment in Travel.

25. A Study on Awareness level of Menstrual Hygiene of Adolescent girls.

26. A assessmnt of the impact of Self Help Groups Products and Possible Marketing.

27. A Study on Training Need Assessment and Situation Analysis Women in Politics and future Women Contestants in Parliament, Assembly and Local Body Elections, funded by United Nations Democratic Fund [UNDEF] through Council for Social Research, New Delhi.

Action Research

District Rural Development Agency sponsored SHG Product Retail Outlet at University Campus, Since 2007.

In collaboration with Tamil Nadu Science Forum Annual Summer Camp for the Children of the University Staff and the Rural areas Since 2005.

Establishment of Gender Clubs, Gender Governing Counsel in Affiliated College Since 2005.

Rohini Herbal Industries Chennai sponsored Herbal Product Marketing by SHG women since 2005.

Counselling programme for the Adolescent Population at Women’s Hostel of the University since 2005.

In collaboration with Babu, Yega and Vadhani Driving School , Driving Classes for Women Students and staff in the Campus Since 2005.

Regular fortnightly Motivation campaigns for aspiring Women Entrepreneurs Since 2006.

EDP (BPO, Engineering Unit, Jute, Banana Fibre, Areca nut fibre etc) Since 2008.

Management Development Programme [MDP], Since 2008.

Communication skills for Women Entrepreneurs Since Jan 2008.

Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene and Capacity Building Since March 2009.

Life Skills and Counselling Since 2004.

Tamil Nadu Corporation for Women Development Corporation –Mahalir Thittam Masonry Skill Development Programme for youth Aug- Dec 2010.

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