Centre for Differently Abled Persons
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India


Workshop on Towards Inclusive Education (2012-2013)

Workshop cum Sensitization programme on Right to Information Act (2012-2013)

Sensitization programme on Inclusion as a Right (2012-2013)

Training Programme on Health Hygiene and Prevention of Disabilities (2012-2013)

Special lecture on Stride towards overwhelming Disability (2012 2013)

Workshop on Health Hygiene and Prevention of Disabilities (2012-2013)

International Day for the Persons with Hearing Impairment (2012-2013)

Workshop on Eye Care and Eye Donation (2012-2013)

Panel discussion on Breaking the Barriers of Inclusion (2012-2013)

Lecture on Human Rights for Persons with Special needs(2013-2014)

Special lecture on Innovations for inclusion (2013-2014)

Special lecture on Therapies for Inclusion (2013-2014)

Special lecture on Road Map to Inclusive Education (2014-2015)

Awareness campaign on Prevention of Down syndrome (2014-2015)

Sensitization and Training Programme on Community Based Rehabilitation (2014-2015)

Training programme for teacher Mobility, Sign Language, Assistive Technologies (2014-2015)

Workshop on Latest Screen Reading Technologies for the Differently Abled (2014-2015)

International day for the Persons with Hearing Impairment and Training programme on Sign Language (2014-2015)

Training programme on Sign Language (2014-2015)

World sight day training programme on eye care and eye donation (2014-2015)

Workshop on Right to Education with special reference to Persons with Special Needs (2015-2016)

5 Day workshop on E Speak Tamil computing with NVDA (2015-2016)

One month Computer based skill development training programme for the Visually Impaired (2015-2016)

One month Training Programme on Computer based skill development for the Visually Impaired (2015-2016)

International workshop on Disability Management Integrating Yoga, Therapy and Technology (2015-2016)

Equal  opportunity Cell Workshop on employability skill (2015-2016)

Workshop on Employability Skill and Yoga (2015-2016)

Workshop on Assistive technology for Ability Management (2015-2016)

Special lecture on Right to vote (2016-2017)

Workshop on employability and self Defense (2016-2017)

Workshop on vision and sign language (2016-2017)

Exhibition, Human chain, Signature Campaign, and Workshop on Science and Technology for  the  Specially  Abled (2016-2017)

Awareness Related to Swach  Bharath  Campaign, Anna Planetarium (2016-2017)

Sensitization Programme on Ability Speaks (2017-2018)

Workshop on functional Sign Language (2017-2018)

Anti  Corruption Awareness Week (2017-2018)

Free eye camp (2017-2018)

International Conference on Achievements of and Innovations for the specially abled (2017-2018)

Inauguration of SAHA Certificate Distribution Ceremony for Differently Abled Students (2017-2018)

Short term Training programme on Employability skill and Basic Computer Application (2017-2018)