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Welcome to Bharathidasan University!


Dr. V. M. Muthukumar

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome the viewers to visit the Website of Bharathidasan University. This website will be a storehouse of information about Bharathidasan University, its campuses, colleges, courses, achievements and future projects which will make you realize how the university is justly renowned nationally and internationally. To share my ideas at this juncture will be in order.



Dec. 07, 2015: Recent Advances in Medical Research - One Day Seminar - Dept. of Biomedical Science
Jan. 09-10, 2016: International Seminar - Financial Markets: Issues and Challenges (FIMIC-2016) - Dept. of Commerce & Fin. Studies
Feb. 03-05, 2016: National Workshop on Toxic HEavy Metals in Environmental and Seafood samples using AAS (THEMES -2016) - Dept. of Marine Scinece
Feb. 05-07, 2016: 5th NAGI International Conference on Future Earth Perspectives in South Asia (IC FEPSA) - Dept. of Geography
March 10-11, 2016: National Conference on Emerging Trends in Plant Science - Dept. of Plant Science