Deans, Directors and Coordinators

Dr. N. Manimekalai Dean, Faculty of Arts 91 431 2333627
Dr. U. Alibava Dean, Faculty of Languages 91 431 2407058
Dr. M. Selvam Dean, Faculty of Management 91 431 2407029
Dr. S. Rajasekar Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology 91 431 2407057
Dr. A. Ilangovan Director i/c, Center for Distance Education 91 431 2407054/44
Dr. J. A. Arul Chellakumar Director i/c, Council for College & Curriculum Development 91 431 2407071
Dr. S. Muthusamy Director, Research 91 431 2407106
Dr. R. Babu Rajendran Director, Project
Dr. V. Vinod Kumar Director i/c, Internal Quality Assurance Cell 91 431 2331062
Dr. N. Thajuddin Member Secretary, Institutional Ethics Committee 91 431 2407057
Dr. R. Ramesh Co-ordinator, National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) 91 94860 66934
Dr. A. Ilangovan President, Institution's Innovation Council 91 98654 36093
Dr. S. Senthilnathan Director i/c, UGC - Human Resource Development Centre 91 431 2331062
Dr. A. Tamilselvan Nodal Officer (University & Colleges) 9443478575
Dr. Karuthiah Pandian, IAS (Retd.) Director, Bharathidasan Institute of Management 91 431 2520796
Dr. M. Babu Director i/c, Bharathidasan School of Management
Dr. M. Ravichandran Director i/c, Bharathidasan University Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Career Hub (BECH)
Dr. M. Balamurugan Co-ordinator, University Business Collaboration Centre (UBCC)
Dr. S. Srinivasa Ragavan Librarian i/c 91 431 2407037
Dr. S. Parthasarathy Director i/c, University Informatics Centre 91 431 2407007
Dr. M. Govindaraju Nodal Officer - COVID-19 91 94436 88336
Dr. M. Govindaraju Director i/c, Students Affairs
Dr. N. Prasanna Co-ordinator, Placement and Training Cell 91 98949 15061
Dr. S. Sivaramakrishnan Liason Officer, SC/ST Cell
Dr. M. Rajendra Prasad Co-ordinator, Centre for Youth Development & Studies 91 431 2407054
Dr. M. Selvam Co-ordinator, NITI Aayog
Dr. Sashidhar Mulugu Co-ordinator, International Students Cell
Dr. Sashidhar Mulugu Co-ordinator, Industry - Academia Interface (IAI)
Dr.S. Arumugam Co-ordinator, International Relations Centre
Dr. M. Sundararaman Co-ordinator, Intellectual Property Cell 91 431 2407113
Dr. R. Thirumurugan Co-ordinator, Central Instrumentation Facility Centre
Dr. R. Babu Rajendran Nodal Officer, Online Student's Grievance Cell
Co-ordinator, Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN)
Dr. P. Masilamani Nodal Officer, Ragging Prevention Committee 9865825747
Dr. N. Manimekalai Co-ordinator, Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell 9443923839
Dr. V. Rajesh Kannan Co-ordinator, Clean and Green Initiative
Dr. A. Palanisamy Secretary, Bharathidasan University Inter-Collegiate Sports and Tournaments 98420-53777
Dr. A. Lakshmi Prabha Co-ordinator i/c, National Service Scheme 91 431 2407015
Dr. P. Masilamani NSS Programme Officer - BDU - Unit - I 9865825747
Dr. P. Natarajamurthy NSS Programme Officer - BDU - Unit - II 9488471737
Dr. K. Vetrivel Co-ordinator, Youth Red Cross 9442905073
Dr. O. Kasinathan Care Taker (Boys Wing)
Lt. Dr. N. D. Shrinithivihahshini Associate NCC Officer (Girls Wing) 91-431-2407071