Programmes Offered (2020-2021)
(University Departments / Centers Only)

5 and 6 Year Integrated Programmes

# Programme Offered By the Department of / Centre for
1M.A. History (5 Year - Integrated)Department of History
2M.A. Sociology (5 Year - Integrated)Department of Sociology
3M.Sc. BioinformaticsDepartment of Bioinformatics
4M.Sc. Biomedical ScienceDepartment of Biomedical Science
5M.Sc. Life SciencesSchool of Life Sciences
6M.Sc. GeographyDepartment of Geography
7M.Sc. GeologyDepartment of Geology
8M.Tech. (6 Year Integrated) Computer Science & EngineeringSchool of Engineering and Technology
9M.Tech. (6 Year Integrated) BiotechnologySchool of Engineering and Technology
10M.Tech. (6 Year Integrated) Geological Technology & GeoinformaticsSchool of Engineering and Technology

B.P.Ed., Two and Three Year PG (M.A, M.Sc, MCA, MBA, M.Ed, M.LISc, M.P.A, M.S.W, M.Tech) Programmes

# Programme Offered By the Department of / Centre for
1B.P.Ed. Physical EducationDepartment of Physical Education
2M. Ed. EducationDepartment of Educational Technology
3M. Tech. Geoinformatics (2 Year)Department of Geography
4M. Tech. Computer Science & Engineering - Lateral (Fifth Year)Department of Computer Science
5M.A. TamilDepartment of Tamil
6M.A. EnglishDepartment of English
7M.A. HistoryDepartment of History
8M.A. SociologyDepartment of Sociology
9M.A. EconomicsDepartment of Economics
10M.A. Gender StudiesDepartment of Women's Studies
11M.A. Human Resource ManagementDepartment of Lifelong Learning
12M.A. Development StudiesCentre for study Social Exclusion and inclusive policy
13M.B.A. Management (Admission through TANCET only)Bharathidasan School of Management
14M.B.A. Financial ManagementDepartment of Commerce and Financial Studies
15M.C.A. Master of Computer Applications (Regular)Department of Computer Science
16M.L.I.Sc. Master of Library and Information Science(Regular / Lateral)Department of Library and Information Science
17M.P.A. Folk DanceDepartment of Performing Arts
18M.P.A. Classical DanceDepartment of Performing Arts
19M.S.W. Social Work (Specialization in CD, HRM and CLSW)Department of Social Work
20M.Sc. PhysicsDepartment of Physics
21M.Sc. Medical PhysicsDepartment of Medical Physics
22M.Sc. ChemistryDepartment of Chemistry
23M.Sc. MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics
24M.Sc. StatisticsDepartment of Statistics
25M.Sc. BiotechnologyDepartment of Biotechnology
26M.Sc. Environmental ScienceDepartment of Environmental Biotechnology
27M.Sc. Biotechnology (Specialization in Marine)Department of Marine Biotechnology
28M.Sc. Marine ScienceDepartment of Marine Science
29M.Sc. MicrobiologyDepartment of Microbiology
30M.Sc. Zoology Department of Animal Science
31M.Sc. BotanyDepartment of Botany
32M.Sc. BiochemistryDepartment of Biochemistry
33M.Sc. BioinformaticsDepartment of Bioinformatics
34M.Sc. GeologyDepartment of Geology
35M.Sc. Computer ScienceDepartment of Computer Science
36M.Sc. Environmental BiotechnologyDepartment of Environmental Biotechnology
37M.Sc. Environmental Science and Sustainable ManagementDepartment of Environmental Science and Management
38M.Sc. GeographyDepartment of Geography

DDUK - B.Voc and B.C.A* (*Special Bachelor Degree for Speech and Hearing Impairment) Programmes

# Programme Offered By the Department of / Centre for
1B.C.A. (Special Bachelor Degree) Computer Application for Speech and Hearing impairmentCentre for Differently Abled Persons
2B.Voc. Automobile TechnologyDDU KAUSHAL Kendra
3B.Voc. Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementDDU KAUSHAL Kendra
4B.Voc. Trouble Shooting and Maintenance of Electrical and Electronic EquipmentDDU KAUSHAL Kendra

PG Diploma Programmes

# Programme Offered By the Department of / Centre for
1PG Diploma Bharathidasan Padaipugal (PT) பாரதிதாசன் படைப்புகள் (பகுதி நேரம்)Center for Bharathidasan Studies
2PG Diploma Data Science (CSE)Department of Computer Science
3PG Diploma Development ManagementCentre for study Social Exclusion and inclusive policy
4PG Diploma Digital Library & knowledge Management (FT/PT)Department of Library and Information Science
5PG Diploma E-Learning (Part-Time)Department of Educational Technology
6PG Diploma Environmental GenomicsDepartment of Environmental Biotechnology
7PG Diploma Fitness Management (Part-Time)Department of Physical Education
8PG Diploma in Inclusive Training and DevelopmentCentre for Differently Abled Persons
9PG Diploma Life Skills and Management (FT/PT)Department of Women's Studies
10PG Diploma Micro and Small Enterprise Development (FT/PT)Department of Women's Studies
11PG Diploma Molecular DiagnosticsDepartment of Biotechnology
12PG Diploma Yoga (Part-Time)Department of Physical Education

Diploma and Certificate Programmes

# Programme Offered By the Department of / Centre for
1Certificate Programme Biofertilizers and Mushroom Production TechnologyDepartment of Botany
2Certificate Programme Fashion DesigningDepartment of Women's Studies
3Certificate Programme First Aid and Safety ManagementDepartment of Lifelong Learning
4Certificate Programme French (Part-Time)Department of English
5Certificate Programme Gender StudiesDepartment of Women's Studies
6Certificate Programme in Group DynamicsCentre for Differently Abled Persons
7Certificate Programme Marine CateringDepartment of Marine Science
8Certificate Programme Non-Government OrganizationDepartment of Sociology
9Certificate Programme Periyariyal (பெரியாரியல்)Center for Periyar Studies
10Certificate Programme Personality DevelopmentCentre for Differently Abled Persons
11Certificate Programme Sign LanguageCentre for Differently Abled Persons
12Certificate Programme Soft Skill DevelopmentCentre for Differently Abled Persons
13Certificate Programme Techniques on organic farmingDepartment of Marine Biotechnology
14Certificate Programme Women Entrepreneurship DevelopmentDepartment of Women's Studies
15Diploma in Office Automation and Assistive TechnologyCentre for Differently Abled Persons
16Diploma  in Vocational training and Development( for students with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, Learning Disability)Centre for Differently Abled Persons
17Diploma Laboratory GlasswareDepartment of Physics
18Diploma Life Skills and Management (FT/PT)Department of Women's Studies
19Diploma Machine OperatorDepartment of Physics
20Diploma Micro and Small Enterprise Development (FT/PT)Department of Women's Studies
21Diploma Photo Edition and 2D AnimationCentre for Differently Abled Persons
22Diploma Vocational Training and Development Centre for Differently Abled Persons
23Diploma சைவ சித்தாந்தம் (PT/CC)Department of Performing Arts
24Diploma தமிழ்நெறி அருட்சுனைஞர் (அர்ச்சகர்)Department of Performing Arts
25Diploma பெரியாரியல் (பகுதி நேரம்) Center for Periyar Studies