Department of Environmental Biotechnology



All the laboratories are equipped with several imported equipment like Gas chromatograph Mass Spectrophotometer (GC-MS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS), Environmental shaker, Fermentor, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Thermal cycler, Refrigerator centrifuge, UV- VIS double Beam Spectrophotometer, Millipore Distillation Unit, Water purification system, Two Dimensional Electrophoresis Unit, Deep Freezer (-85C and -20C), BOD Incubator, Laminar air flow, Environmental chamber, Nikon Microscope with Micro photographic facilities, Basic facilities for GIS LAB, Global positioning System(GPS). Common lab facilities were provided for M.Sc., students to conduct all the Molecular and Microbiological related practical course. Cell culture lab facility (UGC-Innovative programme sponsored) was established to explore the molecular toxicity through cell line studies

Library and Informatics Lab

To update the current knowledge in the subject, the students were motivated to access the departmental library facility (500 books and few Journals) and informatics lab. The faculty members are very keen in purchasing updated version of subject books in the field of Environmental Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics Microbiology, Environmental chemistry, toxicology, GIS for remote sensing. DST –FIST sponsored Informatics lab was established in the department with many softwares and search engines.

Instrumental Facilities (Geotagged)

 Continuous Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (CAAQMS)

 Sustainable Integrated Farming System

 Common Instrumentation Lab


Name of the Equipment Source Year of Purchase
PCR DBT project 2011
Ultraspec 2100 pro DBT Project 2011
Fluorescent microscope UGC project 2009
Cooling centrifuge DST project 2002
Gel documentation DBT Project 2011
Ultra centrifuge UGC-Innovative 2014
Kjeldal analyser MOEF project 2011
Lyophilizer UGC XI plan 2010
Elisa Reader and Washer BDU 2008
Bioreactor BDU 2006
Electroporator BDU 2009
GC-MS (sponsored) UNU Project 2005
Western Blot DST Project 2009
Respirable Dust Sampler DST Project 2009
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer DRDO Project 2008
PCR CSIR Project 2012
Gel Documentation CSIR Project 2012
GPS DST Project 2006